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The Advertisement Was The Gift For My Birthday
2015 year when I was working in Barcelona. I get New offer from one of reclam agency in Milano, for to be the face of L-home parfume the contract date was from 01.02. 2015 - to - 01.04.2015 the advertisemant was 18.03.2015 in my birthday.The promotion video was made by the side of American film production and in that Team support me also one of Azerbaijanian film director Khan Garakhanov video shouting were in Milano and in Baku During 4 month The contract bring me. 20000$ dollar. At the time of video shooting we have some funny and interesting moments and we enjoyed of that Times. Normally i never like makeup in my body and face and i remember when makeup artist start to do a makeup. I was laughing and I couldn't drop myself nearly all the time of shooting. Makeup artist height were short and I'm tall and she was doing makeup in the chair and she fall down 3,4 time and then she asked me to sit on the floor but in this situation she feel herself uncomfortable. Because my mouth was touching to her breast and finally she stop and i did my makeup myself